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Help with Guardianships

In 2010, our founding attorney, Antoinette Summers, was forced to become a conservator after her mother suffered from a stroke. Feeling overwhelmed, she quickly realized how many people could use legal guidance. She took the time to study this complex area of the law in order to help others. Summers Legal, PA has worked with clients in Tampa and throughout Florida who have questions regarding guardianship and Medicaid planning.

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Why Appointing a Guardian Can Become Necessary

Understandably, careful thought has to be put into choosing a guardian. If a person becomes incapacitated or is unable to make decisions on their own, their court-appointed guardian will then speak for them. This means having a tremendous amount of control over someone’s life.

Guardianships may be avoided if an adult has designated an agent through a well-drafted Power of Attorney during estate planning before they became incapacitated. However, if this has not happened, having a court appoint a legal guardian will be necessary in order for someone else to act on their behalf, particularly in health care and financial decisions.

Designating a legal guardian can be necessary for a variety of situations. Beyond elderly parents or loved ones who can no longer manage their affairs, individuals or couples with minor children should assign a guardian to be responsible for their care in their will. Also, a guardian should be designated for a disabled child who will not be able to manage their personal affairs after they become an adult. This is a critical part of ensuring their ongoing wellbeing.

When power of attorney documents have not been filed prior to a person’s incapacity, guardianship is the best way to protect those whom you love. We can discuss your options and what this means moving forward.

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