Putting The Focus
On A Person’s Lifetime Needs

What Is Probate?

Our of-counsel attorney, Lesly Longa Vaillancourt, handles most of the probate cases for Summers Legal P.A. She has worked with clients throughout Florida for 15 years. She takes a personal approach to help clients and works with people one-on-one in order to resolve matters quickly and efficiently. With several years of trial and litigation experience, she has also served as a mediator.

Understanding Your Options

Each state has specific laws put in place, and Florida is no different. There are three types of probate, known as formal administration, summary administration and the disposition of personal property without administration. Formal administration is for those who passed away less than two years ago and their estate exceeds $75,000. Summary administration is when the estate has a value of less than $75,000. Disposition of personal property without administration is rare but can be used in some cases in which the estate is of minimal value.

Probate is a complicated, court-supervised process that can be time-consuming. It involves gathering all of the deceased person’s assets, paying off any remaining debt and then distributing the leftover assets to the correct beneficiaries. Our firm understands how tremendously complicated this can be, especially right after the loss of a loved one. We take this burden off of our client’s shoulders in order to give them time to grieve. With the right attorney, you can rest assured that things will be handled properly.

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The probate process has a strict timeline that must be followed and it is important to contact skilled representation as soon as possible. Call our office in Tampa at 813-540-1225 to schedule a consultation today. You can also email us by clicking here.